Welcome to the new Cyndi and Company website.

March 1, 2017 Blog

Designed to showcase our broad range of designs for kitchens and baths, it is accessible to see on every type of device. Not only is it visually rich, it also takes a somewhat unique approach to website design and provides a lot of information. Read as much or as little as you want, but we hope it helps you focus on your project and why it is important to hire a professional interior designer.

Cyndi Haaz is an inspired interior designer that designs exceptional kitchens and baths. She is also a licensed general contractor. That means she takes a project from concept to design to project scope and then build and oversight! She coordinates, monitors and maintains the quality assurance for every aspect of the job. It is an integral part of what makes projects run smoothly and efficiently with a minimum of stress and inconvenience. If there is a problem or a glitch and a quick solution is needed, Cyndi speaks the language of her sub-contractors. Together, they find a solution.

If you are thinking about spending a significant amount of money – the remodeling or renovation of your home’s kitchen or bath – we believe you should not only know about the people and company you are hiring but also how they work and the level of client satisfaction.

Who you hire can and does make a difference. Even if you have a flair for design and pride yourself on your taste, designing a new space can be a challenge. A kitchen should be the wow factor in your home. It is considered the “heart of the home” because you, the family and friends spend a lot of time there. It should be functional, comfortable and special!

Cyndi excels at translating your vision into a cohesive blend of layout, function, style, color, patterns and products. It’s a collaborative effort with a professional guiding you and making sure function, design and aesthetic mistakes are not made. It’s Cyndi’s job to help you be a little daring, if desired. Rapport and trust are essential to her approach. Cyndi’s design skills and more than 25 years of experience enable her to “see” the finished result and communicate it effectively. It’s an exciting journey you go on together.

Initial consultations are always no charge. Even if you are unsure about what you need or want – total or partial renovation – or your timing, Cyndi can discuss your options with you. She is the consummate professional. She listens and hears…always with a smile.